Coatings and accessories


Nadal parquet offers diverse and differentiated to cover walls and ceilings to match the parquet or independently solutions. The variety and coatings format ends where imagination just because, in addition to all known woods, Nadal Custom Wood Flooring brings its expertise in soil to adapt the coating to the most demanding taste . Our dedication and innovation in new finishes , aging and formats allows us to offer a totally unique product and , if necessary, alone.

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Reclaimed wood

In parquetry Nadal bet on a growing trend, working with the medera recovered as a decorative element in all types of homes and several establishments. We must not give up because the beauty of the traditional in the most modern and contemporary styles.

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Stairs , furniture , baseboards , moldings …


Lined stairs to match the parquet


Manufacture of auxiliary matching pieces ( or not) with wooden floors, tables, benches, etc.


All kinds of sockets solid, laminated, lacquered, pre – lacquered, marquetry …


Parts or shots that revalue the job done


The success of a good job are very important ins and parquetry Nadal, at the customer , we produce most finials and finishes in tune with the pavement or wainscoting. Nadal in parquetryWooden give importance to details.

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We have the means and knowledge to work wood in many finishes , this allows us to study small orders of furniture in line (or not, as you prefer) with the ground or coating.

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