Cobblestone wood parquet

Cobblestone Wood Parquet

The cobblestone parquet is the wooden floor houses made with solid blocks between them, placed with the direction of the transverse fiber to the surface and glued to the floor . The thickness can be variable, with recommended minimum of 15 mm , and its format, which can be square , rectangular , etc. You can go together or separately, with a distance of 5 / 10mm between them ( in this case the board is filled with various materials with some elasticity ) .

Finishing and maintenance is advised with oils or waxes specific . It is a very hard pavement, suitable for high traffic areas .

“There are also replicas with the sense of parallel to the surface, in this case  the design is more prevalent wood hardness, despite being an exclusive pavement with the same or better performance than a conventional solid .”

Jaume Nadal 

Nadal Custom Wood Flooring is our own brand of parquet

Nadal Custom Wood Flooring are solid wood flooring or multilama with every imaginable formats, from the most sophisticated and elaborate panels , mosaics, pins , etc. classic formats a lama with various lengths and widths , all combinable between them with thick and finish to offer the specifier all possible variants with wooden floors .

With our Heritage, Palau and Clàssic range we accommodate three different types of wood floors that last throughout the years preserving its traditional values giving thus out of the current demand with new pavements achieved with our adaptive capacity and creative .

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