Heritage Herringbone

Herringbone , herringbone or Fishbone

Parquet Herringbone

Heritage | Engineered Flooring, Solid Flooring

The surface can be sanded, brushed, aged (hand scrapped) with bevel or sharp-edged.

Oak select (without knots), Natur (little or medium knots) and Rustic (big knots).
Sizes 700x135x21 /600x120x21
Engineered 15 mm plywood and top layer 5/6 mm or plywood 9 mm top layer 4 mm, also in solid oak.
Pinned or glued. Usually finished in our workshop or in the factory and sometimes finished in the work.
All finishes allowed: natural, open-pored, colored, different patinas, finished lacquered or oiled, matt, extra matt or with natural oil.