Parquet Creation


We think that a wooden floor can be personalized, so in addition to our standard products of renowned manufacturers, we can offer you a custom made floor in a wide variety of sizes, grades, colors and finishes.
We also can offer you matching accessories finished as the floor such as wall coverings, ceilings and auxiliary furniture.
“The interior designer/decorator/architect chooses, together with the owner the type of wood, format and finish, the installer lays it with the care and attention of expert hands.
The Empathy between prescriber and installer is synonymous of a job well-done.

” The / interior designer / decorator architect chosen according to the property , wood, format and finish. The parquetista puts his ” know-how ” to ensure this election. The empathy between prescribers / installer is synonymous with job well done.”

Jaume Nadal 

Our own brand of parquet

The Parquet Creación Nadal Custom Wood Flooring is composed of wooden floors, solid and engineered.
In this collection you can find the most sophisticated panels, mosaics, herringbones… and also the classic one plank floors, we have them available in different sizes which we can mix with one another and offer you all possible combinations of wooden floors.

Nadal Custom Wood Flooring is formed by: Heritage, Classic and Palau collections.



With minimalist decor and at once classic , Heritage transports us to the past but with the quality and the guarantee of a current and modern manufacturing.

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One strip parquet with a wide range of colors, finishes and sizes (which we can mix together).
Installed floating, glued or nailed… also for coating walls.
Suitable for underfloor heating (better in 13/15 mm).
Wide variety of collections. For all kind of settings.

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Wooden Floors with different geometric shapes. Reliable replicas of Renaissance, baroque
floors. Floors that we still can see in Palaces, Castles, museums.. which have remained over the years.

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