Parquet Design


Stories about the oldest material in the world.

Art and Painting on wooden planks, the oldest material in the world.
Parquet Design comes from the crazy idea that flashed the owners of Xilo1934 to launch a
challenge at a pool of artists in order to take positions on the so far uncovered ground of decorating parquet.

The idea to create an expressive range based on the originality of the design presented by a team of authors, each differing in his story, training, style, who were asked for a personal interpretation in images. Each project is a story to tell using signs and drawings. Each story is soon an opportunity for developing a unique product, the result of innovative state-of-the-art technology. A warm project, like the warmth that comes from wood, which is comforting and nurturing par excellence. Work in progress.

“In a certain way – explains the eclectic mentor of this ambitious project – I wanted to bring experience and sensitivity developed over years of communication with ceramics into this area. A way for designing wood, just like canvas or plaster, with various moods and atmospheres that make you think of going beyond the naked material. An idea for bringing fantasy and dreams liked to the architectural material per excellence for the next twenty years
to life. Nature’s genius and hat of humans being compared”. How an idea becomes reality and
is transformed into designer projects, where wood meets design to express it poetic steak.


ESAGONA by Alessio Pinto

Alessio Pinto

ALESSIO PINTO. He was graduated in architecture at “La Sapienza” University in Roma an attended the Master’s program in Industrial Design at the Domus Academy in Milan. He lived and worked there until 2005 where he gained experience in design. Even as a student his strong interest in sanitary wares grew. Since 2005 as a freelancer, has been part of the Flaminia design office where he manages the development of new products with the function of bringing proposals of external designers as well as dealing with production problems.Esagona collention

KIMANO by Fiorella Bonanno

FIORELLA a passionate, from her childhood, of graphic arts and painting decoration. After de high school and the Fine Arts Academy, she begins her working, restoring and redecorating wood. In 2011 opened the Kimano’s Studio together with Roberto Atanasio, dedicated to manufacture stage designs. The name comes from “Chi mano” that means handmade. Kimano develops projects for the decoration of private houses and exhibition halls, mixing tradition an design.

ARCHIPETALI by Nigel Coates

Typically his objects have body-like curves. His architecture has fluidity too, and seems inclined to muscle-in on the city. Art and literary strategies find their way into many of his projects whatever their scale or medium. Coates has designed and built influential interiors, exhibitions and buildings around the world, in the UK and Japan.

Throughout his colorful career, he has created different experimental pieces which have been shown in both artistic and design contexts.

TUPIPAE GEMINI by Ronald Van Der Hilst

The Dutch born artist, now based in Antwerp, initially concentrated on designing garden and landscape projects. The tulip has become a constant theme in his work. His collection of “tulip vase”, by Val Saint Lambert, which is included in the vase collection of the Dutch Queen Beatrix. He made Antwerp aware of this hidden treasure with an exhibition project in 2006. In collaboration with fashion designers he has made tulip drawings on clothes, published a book, created murals, reliefs, sculptures, boxes, chandeliers, illustrations and postcards all with the tulip as a theme.

Tulipae Gemini collection

PASSI LETTERARI by Piero and Barnaba Fornasetti

Piero and Barnaba Fornasetti

His works are in many collections in Italy and in the world. BARNABA. Son of Piero is now the custodian of the paternal inheritance. Digging with skillful tenacity and passion in precious Archive Fornasette, reissued the most significant pieces and others “reinvented “in the artisan tradition inaugurated by his father. Now the is the leitmotiv of XILO1934

Passi Letterari coleccion

IMPRINTING by Marco Ferreri

Marco Ferreri

Nature teach us, If we take a clear look we can find nice things: In the forest floor in autumn, fallen leaves that form a carpet of thousand colors. In the snow or in the sand the footprints show us the animals that have passed through this way. Things in the floor that tell stories to those who want to see and to listen. And at home the wooden floors.

imptrinting colección

TAPETTI VOLANTI by Davide Pizzigoni

Davide P

He imitates carpet designs, a tradition of Northern Europe. Sometimes with simple designs, and others with decorations Mannerists or Baroque.

In general the style is soft, enhanced by the colors.

Tappeti Volanti colección

PAISLEY by Carlo Dal Bianco

Carlo dal Bianco

The Oldest, the traditional decoration, decorative Persiano r Indian Motives, tattooed Wood planks… the client can choose the floor with more or less ornaments.

Maximum freedom to choose the patterns.

Paisley colección

SISSI by Manuela Corbetta

Manuela CorbettaThe decoration is related to the intrinsic character of wood, overlaying a clear mark on grain texture , which is also a basic, recognizable , eclectic and adaptable. A sheet of archetype that is repeated indefinitely , following a lilting rhythm that visually moves on the surface of the wooden floor . The approach can generate abstract compositions in which the original track is dissolved in repetition , becoming , you can read values with new graphics.

Sissi Colección

MAPS by Luca Compri

Luca CompriThe characteristic features of each tree remind us of the great city maps . Knots become squares, streets are seen as decayed tracks , crusts can define blocks and neighborhoods. Venice or Manhattan, seen from the air, can recover our memory the geometry of natural wood . The idea is a game : take a metropolis , disassemble , keeping the soul , the hallmark . We do the same with the wood and then freely , we can create our own unique and personal city on a wooden floor .

Maps colección

Italian manufacturing

Easy maintenance and high scratch resistance . The surface can be repaired. No Formaldehyde emission or health risk . Water-based varnish enhanced with adequate protective layer for both radiant heating and for refrigerated.

Technical information


formato xilo1934 Design

Thickness: 13 mm (nominal 3.8mm top layer hardwood )
Width : 100|120|150|175|200 mm
Length: 80 % from 1200 to 2500mm – 20 %


The decor is done directly on the raw surface and subsequently protected by a generous layer of varnish. This makes the wear resistant traffic decoration  

Top layer oak ( nominal 3.8 mm ) ; Based on fir layer (7 mm ) ; Contracara with poplar or spruce veneer (2.2 mm )
características xilo
The three-layer parquet has the intrinsic quality to increase the stability of the finished product , limiting their natural settings . Xilo1934 no longer produces its multilayer parquet with the same wood , because they have encountered some problems of deformation , therefore , for maximum strength , has increased the inside , reducing the counter balance to a minimum and adding a micro bevel on 4 sides . Thus the possible deformations of the timber are reduced significantly and therefore the product is :
* Suitable for heating floors .
* Suitable cooling systems .