Parquet Mix



The collection of oak parquet 1934MIX makes full use of the basic program of soil color wooden flooring and blended to create six new products. For each wooden floors , Parquet MIX, of XILO1934 , presents different specific colors in fixed boards in 10cm wide , to emphasize the chromatic aspect .

Six different wooden models designed to meet the demands of many different environments and styles: from modern and minimalist , from ethnic to fusion of the city and countryside. The result is a wooden floor that easily adapts to your personal style and also ensures low maintenance and high resistance thanks to a water-based finish .

Parquet Mix, once again, reacts with a collection of wooden floors which uniquely identify the brand. At the base of Parquet Mix it is, in fact, a unique and original work of composition.

Modern LUXURY 1934MIX wood FLOORS  Mix01

Warms MINIMALIST 1934MIX wood floors Mix02

ETHNIC chic 1934MIX wood floors Mix03

URBAN classic 1934MIX wood floors Mix04

Natural FUSION 1934MIX wood floors Mix05

country BOHEMIEN 1934MIX wood floors Mix06

Italian manufacturing

Easy maintenance and high scratch resistance . The surface can be repaired. No Formaldehyde emission or health risk . Water-based varnish enhanced with adequate protective layer for both radiant heating and for refrigeration.

Technical information


Thickness: 13 mm ( 3.8 mm nominal top layer hardwood )
Width: 100 mm
Length: 1000 y 2500 mm


The decor is done directly on the raw surface and subsequently protected by a generous layer of varnish. This makes the wear resistant traffic decoration .

Top layer oak (nominal 3.8mm ) ; Based on fir layer ( 7 mm ) ; Contracara with poplar or spruce veneer (2.2 mm ) .
características xilo
The three-layer parquet has the intrinsic quality to increase the stability of the finished product , limiting their natural settings . Xilo1934 no longer produces its multilayer parquet with the same wood , because they have encountered some problems of deformation , therefore , for maximum strength , has increased the inside , reducing the counter balance to a minimum and adding a micro bevel on 4 sides . Thus the possible deformations of the timber are reduced significantly and therefore the product is :
• Suitable for heating floors
• Suitable cooling systems .