Parquet Multilayer

Parquet Multilayer

The hardwood is generally installed floating so that, for all his great format, its stability is guaranteed by its constructive system that can be three-layer sandwiched (with its three layers glued crosswise to ensure the stability of the whole). Several manufacturers also choose to base phenolic board consists of several layers of wood cross that also promotes stability. The application layer is typically about 3.5 / 4 / 6mm and the thickness set between 13/15 / 21mm. The hardwood is continually evolving, so you can find various formats and thicknesses.

Your installation may be floating on a suitable sub-base of about 2 mm, glued to the floor, partially or entirely, and depending on the thickness, you can be nailed. Coming “factory finish” allows installation in occupied dwellings with minimal discomfort which involves moving the furniture, replacing baseboards, door adjusted to the new level … and little else.


“It should be noted the importance of soil mapping , forecasting the total thickness of parquet flooring and for others, just as for all types of parquets, soil moisture is needed without” 

Jaume Nadal 

Nadal Custom Wood Flooring is our own brand of parquet

Nadal Custom Wood Flooring are solid wood flooring or multilama with every imaginable formats, from the most sophisticated and elaborate panels , mosaics, pins , etc. classic formats a lama with various lengths and widths , all combinable between them with thick and finish to offer the specifier all possible variants with wooden floors .

With our Heritage , Palau and Clàssic range we accommodate three different types of wood floors that last throughout the years preserving its traditional values giving thus out of the current demand with new pavements achieved with our adaptive capacity and creative .

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In parquets Nadal produce and install our own brand NADAL CUSTOM WOOD FLOORING based on the purchase of crude product , which allows us the endless possibilities of our parquet creation. However , we also work with different brands and manufacturers on the market .