Parquet Panels

Parquet Panels

Solid wood flooring or bilayers , forming geometric figures , replicas of the greatness of wood floors Renaissance, Baroque, etc. which still can be seen perfectly in palaces , castles, museums and countless stately homes where they have stood the test of time. With designs made manually panels , pavers or entarugados , pins , etc. try to evoke other eras, have a place where classic and contemporary styles where the soil can be considered almost artisanal, reflecting over the years with an aging procedure where imperfection is a characteristic .
Models like the Versailles parquet panels or Chantilly, give names to authentic works of art with wood floors . Other models spike as Herringbone , Herringbone (Chevron ) or Echelle , also they give the floor an exclusive look and create unique atmospheres.

“The combination of these soils, authentic replicas of the past with the current minimalist decor can generate truly unique environments”

Jaume Nadal

Nadal Custom Wood Flooring is our own brand of parquet

Nadal Custom Wood Flooring are solid wood flooring or multilama with every imaginable formats, from the most sophisticated and elaborate panels , mosaics, pins , etc. classic formats a lama with various lengths and widths , all combinable between them with thick and finish to offer the specifier all possible variants with wooden floors .

With our Heritage , Palau and Clàssic range we accommodate three different types of wood floors that last throughout the years preserving its traditional values giving thus out of the current demand with new pavements achieved with our adaptive capacity and creative.

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