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PARQUETS NADAL, one of the most important companies in the Spanish landscape of the manufacture and installation of parquet, has always been committed to manufacture custom  made finishes following the preferences of its customers and giving them an exclusive pavement and also a close and efficient after-sales service.


PARQUETS NADAL is also well known for its extraordinary replicas of historic floors and for restorations. Besides of being an installation company, with great demand and prestige, this company based in Lérida, with a showroom in Barcelona, ​​ also manufactures lacquered products. Now, given the market trend, eager for oil finishes for its easy application and maintenance will offer it.

Jaume Nadal, in the stand of PARQUETS NADAL in REBUILD 2018.

“We are ideally positioned for supplying custom and customized parquets,” says Jaume Nadal, who has informed MADERA SOSTENIBLE of the acquisition of a new oil application machine, with a product based on natural ingredients, which will reach its facilities imminently. For this new challenge they choose leading products in the European market, both in terms of durability and respect for the environment, 100% free of VOCs, that is, free of volatile organic compounds. In addition, the Catalan firm continues to enhance all the finishes, also personalized, but with oxidative oil, which reveal a more natural appearance when penetrating into the wood, and allow the endcustomer to perform a simplemaintenance himself, he adds. For Jaume Nadal “the sector o parquet has been rare for years”. In his opinion, there is a low-priced parquet market (vinyls and laminates) where, under his criteria, there are a lot of people working, and where what is sought is basically price. Facing this, are the companies that bet on wood. In manufacturing, installation and maintenance. “To enter into worthy works,” says Nadal, “we need a lot of documents and certificates, which take us a lot of time and, logically, makes the work more expensive,” he says.

The floor of the stand de “ Madera Constructiva” in the REBUILD exhibition, was granted by Parquets Nadal

In any case, Jaume Nadal has positioned his enterprise supplying and installing high quality products in front of what he calls “anything goes”.

On the other hand, he regrets that companies that make big works have to pass strict controls, while these are practically null in small works. Works that on the other hand “would be very wellcome by the parquetists to help them in their day to day”, but in which “they cannot compete, precisely for price”.

Jaume Nadal believes that “it should pass the same controls the company that is going to place thirty meters of flooring than the one that is going to install it in a large villa in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​where they are asked to bring a technical equipment that is not demanded in the first case.”