RESTORATION OF SALA DE LA MARE DE DÉU DE MONTSERRAT located in The Generalitat of Catalunya Palace.

We are in the Gothic Gallery of the Generalitat Palace, one of the most representative examples of the Catalan Civil Gothic Art. In this gallery there are two sumptuous doors giving access to the Mare de Déu de Monterrat’s Room (anteroom of the president’s office).

The floor of this room made of oak panels, is substantially damaged as time goes on and for the high traffic, and has to be replaced by an identical pavement that does not break the charm of the previous pavement.

We get down to work and travel to Arbeca’s workshop, where the process of manufacturing begins. Based on a sample of the existing floor, and in an artisanal way, our carpenters manufacture 692 panels replica of the original ones.

The second and no less important step is to remove the existing pavement very carefully.

Finally we install the new material, which will be polished and varnished in situ so as to preserve the essence of the original pavement.

You can see the entire process and the final result in this collection of photographs.

Date of the project: Middle of 2018

Format: Panels 500x500x21 mm

Product: Palau Panels of Solid Oak

Photografy: Palau de la Generalitat facade

Author: Presidència

Rest of photograpies

Author:Parquets Nadal